👋Welcome to BOB-E.ai

Hello and welcome to BOB-E.ai - your AI Assistant for lead generation, customer interaction, document retrieval and appointment setting.

AI is changing everything...

Using the latest available technology is now essential when businesses want to achieve an unfair advantage over their competition.

AI has accelerated the adoption of new SaaS tools into everyday online experiences and OpenAI has provided an open-source platform from which developers can build unique problem-solving solutions.

The AI Advantage

BOB-E.ai empowers brands to engage with their customers 24/7 in a knowledgeable conversational format directly from their existing websites.

BOB-E.ai enhances customer service - at scale - delivering lead generation in real-time for sales and support.

OK - but what does the product actually do?

Our clients want their customers to be happy, rave about their brand and spend more money, repeatedly.

BOB-E.ai is an AI Assistant chatbot that lives on dedicated website domains and knows everything about the brand plus, it knows how to interact with the customer to generate leads and sales.

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