Message Credits Explained

What is a message credit?

1 message credit is equal to 1 AI generated response.

Each message credit costs roughly £0.03 a piece based on our Standard plan.

How do message credits work?

Message credits are how we calculate and track the total activity of each AI chatbot and conversation.

Every time there is an AI chatbot response, the corresponding amount of message credits will be deducted from your balance.

The baseline is for 1 message credit is 1 AI response when using GPT-3.5.

If you use a different model it will cost this much per AI response:

  • 1 GPT-3.5 Response = 1 Message Credit

  • 1 GPT-4 Turbo Response = 10 Message Credits (- this is our default setting but it can be changed)

  • 1 GPT-4 Response = 25 Message Credits

Message credits included every month

In each paid subscription package you will receive a certain amount of message credits per month.

Monthly Plans Pricing:

Message CreditsPrice PlanPrice per Credit


£95.00 per month



£295.00 per month



£995.00 per month


How do I buy more message credits?

When you purchase additional message credits these will be added to your account balance.

These credits will never expire.

  • 3,000 message credits for £25.00 ($0.0083 / message credit)

Do message credits expire?

Yes and no. The message credits that you receive with your plan do not roll over and are renewed every month. Any additional message credits purchased adhoc will never expire.

Example: A customer is on the Pro Plan with 10K credits per month and spends 8K credits. When the next month comes around, they will start the new month with a total of 10K credits.

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